The brand


Anita Ardelean is an international ready-to-wear clothes brand launched by Anita Ardelean, a young passionate and enthusiastic romanian designer. The brand focuses on asymmetric thinking blended into intricate patterns and looks, reconnecting women to their authenticity, uniqueness and expressiveness through clothing!

A devotee of bold and minimalist designs, Anita Ardelean highlights and enhance the cosmopolitan side of feminine authenticity, for the love of creativeness, pattern making and artisanship. She finds her endless inspiration in nature and architecture, using an amazing color palette and elegant lines, declined on fabrics, carefully selected and custom dyed for each season. So each collection of gowns, shirts and overalls ischaracterized by freshness, sophisticated and airy silhouettes that are cut for catwalks.



Balanced between power and femininity, every piece of clothing from Anita Ardelean’s brand is handcrafted as a manifesto for the couture, avantgarde and exclusiveness, translated into modern outfits adapted to different body types and styles.

After studying Fashion Design at Bucharest National University of Arts and Economics Science at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Anita Ardelean gained precious work experience in Ibiza as bodypainting artist. She decided to return to her home country and started a womenswear brand that allows her to reawaken women to their greatest femininity. Now, her vision is highly appreciated all over the world by unique women who choose to be different!

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